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Last updated 2:59 PM on 10 October 2011

The 2010 Parkview Public School SRC were inducted today (Tuesday, 9th Feb) at school in a ceremony held in the school COLA.

The 2010 PPS SRC were elected by peers in class elections conducted last week.

The representatives are:

Tory Amato (Captain), Hannah Boardman (Captain), Mitchell Watson (Vice Captain), Samantha Pianca (Vice Captain),

Jade Paynter & Zoe Ingram (Year 6)

Hannah Paynter & Jacob Preston (Year 5)

Siarne Deeves & Brayden Ingram (Year 4)

Tess Staines & Caleb Watson (Year 3)

Tamara Donald & Cooper Holmes (Year 2)

Jorja Sink-Crowe & Timothy Douglas (Year 1/2)


The first meeting of the SRC will be conducted next Monday at 1.20pm. Class meetings will be held prior to this time.Siarne Deeves receives her SRC badge from her Mum!