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Last updated 6:31 AM on 18 February 2015

2015 Parkview PS SRC

The elections of 2015 Parkview Public School Student Representative Council were held by classes recently with the induction ceremony for the children hosted during the Week 4 K-6 Assembly. The assembly was attended by a large number of justifiably proud parents,  sharing in the induction ceremony with children byy pinning their SRC badges on them during the ceremony.

The 2015 SRC of Parkview Public School is:

2CH - Taylah Axtill, Jay Longford

2CO – Gabriella Trounce, Luca Pitt

2/3H – Daniella Draper, Ethan Fazekas

3SD – Adelaide Heins, Raith Henman

3/4M – Alira Lyons, Denzel Zengin

4M – Dakota Boardman, Daniel Bowyer

5MT – Brooke Schmetzer, Brandon Crowe

6T – Tateum Ingram, Lewis Cain-McAliece

School Captains – Katelyn Mills, Corey Axtill, Samara McMillan, Jai Patten

Photos from the Induction Ceremony will be available on our website in coming days.