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Last updated 1:46 PM on 20 April 2016

2016 Parkview PS SRC


Tuesday was an exciting day for our 26 newest SRC Representatives. After being elected by their peers, students were inducted during a ceremony in the Hall supported by parents and carers who assisted with the pinning on of badges. Our SRC will be quick to get to work under the guidance of Miss Eddie with their first function in support of the SunRice Festival Ambassador fundraising initiative. More details of this function are contained later in the newsletter.


Our SRC members for 2016 are:

1/2C: Kian Henman

2CH: Benji Roden & Ruby Meline

2/3Q: Ben Watson & Isabella Salerno

3H: Tallis McMillan & Sharna Morriss

3/4H: Charlie Watson & Chelsea Robinson

4H: Jesse Watson & Isabella McCormack

5H: Jaxon Ryan & Isabel Harris

5/6E: Bryce Robinson & Tatum Marks

5/6G: Cody Browne & Molly Gilmour

School Captains: Charlie Longhurst, Lilly Davies, Tyler O'Connell and Faith Berney