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Last updated 2:53 PM on 21 April 2016

Jaylen Milvain,one of  6 PPS students in the choir


6 Parkview Public School students have been successful at audition and will join their peers from across the region as members of the Riverina Choir

The achievement of the group represents the biggest number of Parkview students ever to be selected in this pursuit and is a credit to both the school's on-going commitment to the arts and to the children themselves for taking a risk, dedicating themselves to their chosen talent and being selected in the exclusive group.

We look forward to tracking the achievements of Molly Gilmour, Ella Cregan, Jaylen Milvain, Lilly Davies, Heidi Whyatt and Kuliyha-Lee Lyons as they work their way through the event activities involved with this opportunity throughout 2016.