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Last updated 3:00 PM on 10 October 2011
Students and teachers enjoying their trip!

Parkview Public School's entry in the 2010 Sunrice Festival Parade was a stunning success, with many positive comments from the massive crowds that lined the streets of Leeton on Easter Saturday!


A big thankyou to all children, parents and teachers who were involved with the presentation of our Sunrice Festival Float. All students involved were excellently presented and displayed outstanding behaviour as ambassadors for our community. A special mention to Mrs Tarnawsky, Mrs Shelley and Mrs Hislop who were the inspirations behind the float. It looked professional and innovative!


In addition I would like to thank Mr Rocky Pirrontina for donating both his time and his vehicle for the event, and Mr Joe Broso for suppyling the hay that made up much of the display.


In addition, the tireless work of Mr Bevan McVittie must be acknowledged. Bevan spent many hours designing and constructing the essential infrastructure of the float to ensure it was both safe for the children and practical for the construction of the display! Photos of the parade are included elsewhere in the newsletter.


Congratulations to all involved and also to our own Mrs Vanessa Jennings who was awarded the title of Sunrice Ambassador for 2010! Congratulations Vanessa!

The float makes its way down Pine Avenue.