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Last updated 2:44 PM on 15 September 2015
3T at the Book Character Parade


Although extremely wet, Parkview PS has hosted another fabulous Book Week Character Parade. The parade was once again our biggest parade ever, with over 320 students engaging in the parade, supported by a huge contingent of community members who braved what looked to be inclement conditions to support their children.
Thankfully the threatening weather cleared with literally 2 minutes to spare, providing us with the opportunity to host our outdoor parade as usual.
This years award winners came from a huge variety of text types. Congratulations to the following students who were acknowledged by the judges:
KB: Braithe Ingram, Bella Connell
KW: Tait Bradshaw, Makayla Heath
KD: Jaihlen Ingram, Eden Goulding
1F: Layne Doyle, Heidi Arel
1T: Harry Hurst, Kiera Speer
2 Sharks: Nicholas Cristofaro, Krystalee Gatehouse
2 Marlins: Charlie Watson, Amelia Irvin
2/3H: Peter Moller, Elka Miller
3T: William Holden, Adelaide Heins
3/4B: Tristan Fox, Isabel Harris
4M: Jay Gimbert, Chelsea Berney-Paterson
5C: Ryan Eade, Jordyn Johnstone
6G: Lucas Trounce, Keely Bradshaw