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Last updated 6:45 AM on 14 April 2013

2013 Parkview PS X Country Age Champions

Thorpe House has continued its recent dominance of Cross Country at Parkview Public School, winning a tightly contested competition last Thursday.

Hosted in extremely warm conditions in front of a large and appreciative spectator group, students from Kindergarten to Year 6 produced a series of outstanding performances on a demanding layout that wound its way through the school grounds and the adjacent Central Park precinct.

There were several eye catching performances from students throughout the day, highlighted by the extremely high participation rate throughout the day. In particular, the thrilling finish to the 12/13 Years Boys event between Thorpe House team mates Rhett MacGregor and Mathew Axtill entertained spectators.

Students who finished in the first five in each age group 8/9 years and older will represent Parkview PS at the LNPSSA Carnival to be hosted at Parkview on Friday, 24thMay.

Final Standings

Thorpe 312

Freeman 256

Bradman 248


Individual Placings


5 Years Girls

6 Years Girls

7 Years Girls

1. Daniella Draper (T)

2. Zariah Wright (B)

3. Ella Ryan (F)

4. Tegan Coghill (F)

5. Scarlett Morris (F)


1. Hannah Quinn (B)

2. Taylah Axtill (T)

3. Ashleigh Milvain (T)

4. Amber O'Brien (B)

5. Sharna Moriss (B)

1. Tamika Rourke (B)

2. Shay Bandy (F)

3. Jayda Sutton-Travers (F)

4. Mattilda Thacker (B)

5. Mia-Rose Habres (F)


5 Years Boys

6 Years Boys

7 Years Boys

1. Connor Holden (B)

2. Cooper Lee (T)

3. Cohen Dowley (B)

4. Jayden Maskey (F)

5. Jeremy Fisher (F)

1. Tallis McMillan (T)

2. Michael Jennings (T)

3. Charlie Watson (T)

4. Hayden Gilmour

5. Kobe O'Callaghan (B)

1. Jesse Watson (T)

2. James Rourke (B)

3. Shalom Poto (T)

4. Shane Lloyd (F)

5. Chais Berney-O'Brien (F)



8/9 Years Girls

10 Years Girls

11 Years Girls

12/13 Years Girls

1. Shaylan Protheroe (F)

2. Molly Gilmour (B)

3. Madeline Irvin (T)

4. Alira Lyons (T)


1. Hannah Pianca (F)

2. Kiana Wortley (T)

3. Katelyn Mills (T)

4. Bree McKellar (T)

5. Samara McMIllan (T)

1. Kelsey Bandy (F)

2. Kate Balaz (B)

3. Lara Cameron (B)

4. Acadia Lee (T)

5. Jorja Sink-Crowe (B)

1. Tess Staines (T)

2. Chelsie Wood-Jordan (F)

3. Hayley Graham (T)

4. Caitlin Sohier (B)

5. Marnah Cunningham (B)

8/9 Years Boys

10 Years Boys

11 Years Boys

12/13 Years Boys

1. Tyler O'Connell (T)

2. Brandon Crowe (F)

3. Clayton Crane (B)

4. Jaxon Ryan (F)

5. Blake Ryan (F)

1. Nicholas Santos (T)

2. Kyle Corona (B)

3. Brock Halls (F)

4. Corey Axtill (T)

5. Christian MacGregor (T)

1. Jack Quinlivan (F)

2. Marlon Moore (F)

3. Caleb Millar (F)

4. Darcy Meline (T)

5. Jack McClure (B)

1. Rhett MacGregor (T)

2. Mathew Axtill (T)

3. Reece Keech (B)

4. Koby Watts (F)

5. Caleb Watson (T)