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Last updated 2:59 PM on 10 October 2011

While our start and finish times will not alter, we are trialling an extension of the successful ‘Crunch and Sip' initiative that was so popular in Stage 2 during Term 4 of 2009.


To enable this to occur across the school and to assist in developing greater class time during peak learning periods, the following bell times will become effective from today Monday, 1st February:


-Morning Session: 9.20am-11.20am (Crunch and Sip at 10.20am approx)

-Recess: 11.20am-11.40am

-Middle Session: 11.40am-1.20pm

-Lunch: 1.20pm-2.15pm

-Afternoon Session: 2.15pm-3.30pm


This trial will take place for the duration of Term 1 and be evaluated at its completion.