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Last updated 2:42 PM on 13 September 2013

Christian and Rhett MacGregor

Parkview Public School students have dominated the final stages of the 2013 Leeton Community of Public Schools Chess Competition held at Leeton Public School today.

In an amazing performance, Parkview boasted four of the final six participants in the knockout format before brothers Rhett and Christian MacGregor battled wits in the final.

In a closely fought and tense encounter, old brother Rhett secured the final in a genuinely strategic battle to be crowned LCOPS Chess Champion for 2013. "It was a tough game!" Rhett said after the final. "Christian and I play a lot at home and I definetely don't always win. We had a warm up game at home this morning before school and I won, so I'm glad I got the same result in the final!".

Earlier, the MacGregor brothers were joined by fellow Parkview students Caleb Watson and Maanu Alexander in the final six on a day when 30 of the regions most talented chess minds from local public schools locked horns.

The annual competition, convened by Gralee Principal Mr Peter Hingston, will be hosted at Parkview Public School in 2014.

Rhett MacGregor after his win!