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Last updated 7:13 AM on 24 March 2014

The fun of crazy hair day!


The Parkview community and indeed the broader Leeton township really made a massive difference by contributing to the Crazy Hair Day & Great Shave Fundraiser last Tuesday in support of Jayden Collins.


Incredibly (although I shouldn't be surprised as we live in an amazing community), we raised the grand total of $5356 which will be converted into various vouchers and accounts to provide support for Jayden and his family as they look to continue to improve his health.


The sources of the donations were wide and extremely varied. We thank in particular all of the students who contributed to the Crazy Hair Day. There were some wonderful designs produced, many of which you will be able to see when you check out the photo gallery later in the newsletter. From the Crazy Hair Day the SRC contributed almost $500 to the final tally of fundraising, a wonderful effort.


In addition, we received over $700 from the PPS Staff, nearly $3000 from local business houses and organisations and over $1000 from community members keen to make a difference! It was an emotional day for many, with so many lives touched by cancer! Thanks to everyone who got into the spirit of the day.


In particular a big thanks to Hope Pike from Hair Odyssey and Sandra Nardi from Indulgence for Hair. Both ladies did a wonderful job of trimming the hair of Belinda Collins as well as Mrs Cherry, Mr Collins and Mr Irvin. A big shout out also to Anna-Jane and Lucy from ‘Earthcraft' for completing the waxing duties on Tuesday afternoon for Mr Collins and Mr Irvin as well. I'm pretty sure everyone (perhaps with the exception of the two men) appreciated your time and skill!


The following businesses and organisations deserve special kudos for their support of the day:

Leeton Country Round Up (supported by David Boots Sand & Gravel)

Wade Hotel Bistro

Leeton Physiotherapy

Leeton Home Improvement

Griffith Primary Principal's Association

Earthcraft Beauty