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Last updated 11:25 AM on 22 April 2016

The fun of the Easter Hat Parade!


In what was an incredibly busy week at Parkview, another other huge community event that was enjoyed by all was the Easter Hat Parade held on Thursday.

As always it was a wonderful experience, with up to 800 people in the school to engage in the day. A huge thanks to all community members who went to the effort of designing hats for students. It was one of the best parades in memory!

There were all sorts of shapes and sizes as well different themes in the hats in 2016, making the judges jobs of finding unique hats particularly tricky. Congratulations to the following students who were acknowledged by the judges for their head wear this year:

KB: Tyrese Doyle and Zarly Pike

KT: Blake Richards and Montana Keech

KW: Zoe Martin and Seth Bradshaw

1D: Yvonne Fischer and Joel Sutton-Travers

1T: Dean DeValentin and Zoe Iannelli

1/2C: Kiera Speer and Jason Clough

2CH: Logan Diamond and Makenzie Shute

2/3Q: Tahlia O'Brien and Andrew Bowyer

3H: Jay Longford and Mikaela Wells

3/4H: Darcy Longhurst and Jayda Sutton Travers

4H: Shane Lloyd and Kuliya Wortley

5H: Leyton Sharpley and Elizah Byrnes

5/6E: Luke Nardi and Jaylen Milvain

5/6G: Eligh Watson and Calleigh O'Brien