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Last updated 3:05 PM on 10 October 2011

Parkview Public School have continued there rich history in debating, recording impressive victories in the opening two rounds of the Premier's Debating Challenge.

Parkview's two debating outfits have been working hard with Debating Coordinator Mrs Julie McAliece for around 10 weeks in preparation for the debating season that kicked off two weeks ago and will extend in to the Leeton Eisteddfod and possibly beyond.

The opening rounds of the Premier's Debating Challenge saw Parkview teams drawn to meet peers from Leeton PS, and the two schools produced some outstanding arguments in their respective debates.

Parkview A secured two victories and entry to the knockout stages of the competition for the third successive year. The team of Chelsea Axtill, Sarah Quinlivan, Elijah Ingram and Jaspal Gill successfully argued the affirmative case for two debates. The first against Leeton PS B was 'That parents should be banned from smacking children', while the second debate a week later against Leeton PS A was 'That watching News everynight should be part of homework'.

Parkview B, while being younger and more inexperienced, also produced some excellent public speaking to win one of the two debated contested. Against Leeton PS A thet unsuccessfully argued the affirmative case 'That boys and girls should attend separate schools', while the second debate against Leeton PS B yielded a positive result, with the team of Siarne Deeves, Alanis Wortley, Carley Graham and Summer Hughes able to convince the adjudicator the negative argument for the topic 'Internet should only be used for school work'.

The two Parkview teams will meet in early Term 3 for the final debate of the round-robin stage of the competition.