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Last updated 6:39 AM on 26 November 2013

Green with envy! Molly Gilmour and James Rourke show the spoils of victory!

Bradman House have ended a ten year drought in the Farrell Cup by winning the Stage 3 title for the first time in ten years at last Friday's Ball Games Carnival held in the quadrangle at Parkview Public School.

This year's edition of the Farrell Cup was held in outstanding weather conditions, students from K-6 competing in their respective divisions to the cheers of their housemates (which at times were deafening!). The sportsmanship on display was again first rate!

While all houses competed with tremendous spirit on the day, Bradman and Thorpe Houses shared the titles on offer, with Bradman winning a thrilling Stage 3 contest on the back of a clutch performance in the final ball game of the day; Corner Spry. The Green Machine executed slightly better under pressure to unseat the two time defending champions Thorpe to scratch a ten year itch!

It was also Bradman's first win in any carnival (Stage 1 & Stage 3) for the school year. The students of Bradman house were thrilled with this result!

A broad range of pictures from a thrilling day of competition can be accessed through the Photo Gallery elsewhere on the website.


Final Standings:



Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

 Thorpe (15)

 Bradman (10)

Freeman (5)

 Bradman (66)

 Thorpe (18)

 Freeman (14)

 Thorpe (48)

 Freeman (35)

 Bradman (17)

 Bradman (36)

 Thorpe (35)

 Freeman (20)