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Last updated 3:03 PM on 10 October 2011

Set against the backdrop of Parkview's new school hall and in amongst the landscaped Wiradjuri Gardens students displayed their amazing creative skills at the Easter Hat Parade. Many agreed that this was the best ever parade with hats that varied from the extremely colourful, imaginative and simply... big!
Each class walked around the gardens lead by their class teacher. Every student in the school had a hat to wear with a male and female winner from each class receiving an Easter bag of treats. A huge crowd of parents and community members joined students and staff for an Easter lunch at the conclusion of the parade.
The winners were:
KT - Rachel Kinsella and Kade De Paoli
KB - Molly Gilmour and Phoenix Jones Grieve
1/2H - Teleah Forrester and David Greatz
1/2C - Katelyn Mills and Ryan Hughes
3Q - Callie Godden and Brodie Cregan
4A - Tess Staines and Koby Watts
5H - Anisa Cook and Bryce Watts
6C - Monique Dinsdale and Jaspal Gill
Special Prizes went to:
Ella Cregan, Will Preston, Harrison Cottom, Dakota Boardman and Sharlee Greatz.