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Last updated 7:45 PM on 10 April 2013

Tyler O'Connell and Brandon Crowe enjoy the Parade!

Parkview Public School's Easter Hat Parade held on Wednesday was another outstanding success, with well over 600 children and community members flocking to the school to enjoy the school's popular Easter tradition.

There were hats of all shapes and sizes, the heat of the day ensuring a number of sun-smart options were taken by students during the parade. Melting chocolate in the 36oC heat was a common site, while a guest appearance from the Easter Bunny ensured the young and young at heart were treated to a small Easter treat in recognition if the impending season.

Judges found it extremely difficult to judge the Easter Hats this year, looking for originality and evidence of collaboration in making and design between students and their parents.

The winners were:

KB: Shaniqua Pawa & Jay Longford

KT: Jayden Fichera & Tahlia O'Brien

KF: Maddison Weir & Connor Holden

1A: Beau Basham

1T: Jade Clough & Jeremiah Ashby

1/2H: Emma Hawkins & Seth Bourke

2S: Eligh Watson & Alira Lyons

3M: Calleigh O'Brien & Adrian Baker

3/4H: Danny Bloomfield & Cheyenne Roberts

5M: Cooper Holmes & Jorja Sink-Crowe

6C: Marni Cuningham & Mathew Axtill

At the conclusion of the Parade, families spread far and wide throughout the school grounds and adjacent Central Park to enjoy a special Easter lunch, prepared beautifully as usual by the Parkview PS Canteen Supervisors and volunteers.

The Parkview P&C also took the opportunity to draw the Easter Guessing Competition with the prizes being distributed as follows:
1st Prize (Roxy Theatre Pass for 6 and Easter Basket valued at $200): Sarah Morris

2nd Prize (Eggs Cups and Easter Basket valued at $100): Mark McMillan

3rd Prize (Easter Basket valued at $50): Paul Bowyer

Lucky Ticket Seller Prizes went to Summer Fattore (K-2) and Sheridan Scali (3-6).

Thanks is extended to everyone who supported the P&C in this fundraiser.