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Last updated 2:13 PM on 21 July 2016

Education Week


Education Week for Public Schools in NSW is celebrated in Week 3 of this Term (August 1-5) and will be celebrated at Parkview Public School specifically on Tuesday, 2nd August. The following activities will be hosted for our community members to engage in:


9am-11am: Open Sessions (parents and community members encouraged to attend their children's classrooms during Open Session times).

9am: Stage 3 (5/6G, 5/6E, 5H)

9.30am: Stage 2 (4H, 3/4H, 3H, 2/3H)

10am: Stage 1 (2CH, 1/2C, 1D, 1T)

10.30am: Early Stage 1 (KB, KW, KT)