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Last updated 8:15 PM on 13 August 2014

Jai Patten displays The Irrigator Trophy for the Primary Literary Award at the Leeton Eisteddfod.

Parkview Public School has recorded some outstanding results across a number of disciplines at the 2014 Leeton Eisteddfod. Priding itself on facilitating varied experiences for all students at the time honoured performing arts and literary event, over 245 children have had the opportunity to perform in some form of Eisteddfod activity this year.

Whilst participation is always the focus, the school is particularly proud of a range of outstanding results. The Irrigator sponsored Literary Primary Writing Section was this year dominated by Parkview students, with the Year 5 student Jai Patten being awarded the 2014 title for his short piece entitled "The House on Flanders Street'. His performance was the lead of a PPS clean sweep, with the minor placings awarded to Louis Cain-McAliece and Nicholas Santos.

In verse speaking the school has again excelled, with the Stage 2 Verse Speaking Choir, featuring all students from 3T, 3/4H and 4H combining to win the Stage 2 Verse Speaking Competiton. Elsewhere, 2M were also recognised for a high commendation in the K-2 Verse Speaking Section.

In Dance, the Stage 1 pairing of 1M and 1W produced a memorable performance to finish 2nd in the K-2 Dance Section after a wonderful response to the song 'Happy'. The Choral Section of the Eisteddfod is always a popular one at Parkview, with the K-2 Choir finishing 3rd in their section, while the Primary Choir produced some notable performances in the 3-6 Choral section.

Finally, the performances of the schools four debating teams in the Primary Public Speaking section were also noteworthy, winning 2 of the four debates contested at Madonna Place.

We congratulate all students on their outstanding performances. They have all been wonderful ambassadors for our school.