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Last updated 7:12 AM on 13 December 2012

Kyle Richards and Shelley Greatz with the graduation cake.

Parkview Public School bid a fond farewell to the Year 6 Class of 2012 on Wednesday night at the Stan Axtill Centre. A gathering of almost 150 people, made up of students, family members and staff joined together to acknowledge a fine group of students who have served as outstanding role models for the entire community in 2012.

Students came dressed up for the occasion, the girls in particular going to impressive lengths to enjoy their big night, which formally marks the completion of primary education.

All students were presented with a Parkview PS pennant featuring their class from 2012 as a momento of their time at Parkview Public School, while a delicious graduation cake was cut by Kyle Richards and Shelley Greatz.

Toasts were offered by most students, acknowledging peers, parents, staff members and most of all, Year 6 teacher Matthew Collins. Parkview boys captain Brayden Ingram thanked Mr Collins for his contribution to his schooling life. "I would like to thank Mr Collins for supporting me in the leadership role of School Captain, and helping me with my school work this year... I tried to be as funny as him in the classroom as well, but I couldn't quite manage it."

Mr Collins provided a glowing recount of the year he had spent with the cohort and encouraged the children to maintain their thirst for knowledge and diligent approach to studies as secondary school approaches. "You have all had a fantastic year. The challenge for you all now is to maintain your focus and get the best out of yourselves as the challenge of high school awaits. I wish you all the best for future success. Strive to be the best you can be."

Parkview's Year 6 students will also be recognised on Presentation Night while the traditional Year 6 march out will be held on the last day (Wednesday, 19th December) of school from 3pm near the school office. Parents and interested community members are as always invited to attend.