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Last updated 3:04 PM on 12 November 2011

Mr Collins wears it at the Fete!


The return of the Parkview Public School Fete after a break of 7 years has proven to be a huge success, with over $11,000 raised for the students of the Parkview community.

Sometimes the build up does not justify the event, however I think it is safe to say that even the most optimistic community member could not have envisaged how unbelievably successful the 2011 Parkview Public School Fete was going to be! A massive thank you is extended to not only everyone within the Parkview Community who supported the Fete, but also to the broader Leeton community who came in droves to enjoy an amazing family afternoon of entertainment.


Specifically we must acknowledge the incredibly long hours put in by the Fete organisers Tracey Watson and Niomi McKellar. Their commitment to the cause and passion for Parkview Public School and the children who grow in our community is astounding. Needless to say that with the conclusion of the Fete two families will regain a wife and a mother for the first time in many weeks!


There were many sponsors who individually supported our Fete, over 70 in fact, which underlines the incredibly generous community we have that supports us in Leeton.


There have been many fantastic comments from people across the weekend in relation to the range and quality of activities available for people to enjoy at the Fete. To this end, and at the risk of excluding names  it is important to acknowledge the efforts of the respective stall coordinators. These included Susan Cregan (KB), Alison De Paoli (KT), Vanessa Jennings (1/2C), Donna Kearney (1/2H), Michelle Quinlivan (Year 3), Amanda Mills (Year 4), Jo Pianca (Year 5) and Julie Axtill (Year 6). These ladies along with Jodie Ryan (Entertainment Coordinator), Rebecca Hogan, Joanne Robinson and Brooke Gilmour formed a very hard working sub-committee that worked countless evenings in the months leading up to the Fete to ensure that everything was planned with great precision.


In addition is it important to recognise Pam and Col Bandy (Clydesdale Rides), Melanie and Mark Shelley (Jumping Castes), Bruce Gilmour and Adam Ryan (Snow Cones), Kath and Bruce Staines (Food & Beverages plus wildlife retrieval, fence construction and courier services!), Wes & Renee Trounce (Tattoos), Simon Watson (Chocolate Wheel and courier services), Scott Quinlivan (Chocolate Wheel), Shane Robinson (Car Trailer provider), Anna Celi (Produce), Mella and Ian Draper, Mark Jennings, Bron Cherry, Adrian Axtill, Bevan McVittie, Judy McVittie (taking beverages around to the helpers), Rodney McKellar, Matthew OConnell, Greg Deeves (Daisy Drop judges) and the Leeton High School volunteer students who provided so much willing labour during the event. The contributions of all these people were greatly appreciated.


Finally our community wish to acknowledge a group of individuals who either have no direct link with the Parkview Community or who used to be involved with our school many years ago and who jumped in and helped out where they could see a need on Fete Night. Special thanks to Rebecca Lawson (LHS Teacher and provider of sound equipment on the night), Paul Bandy (Clydesdales), Paul Crompton (Bus Service), John & Kellie Napier (owners of Alice the Cow), Linda Green & Sheree Wilesmith (Parkview Cafe), Marion Olrick (who made some fine  400 bags of fairy floss for the children to enjoy in the nights leading up to the Fete!) as well as Marg Killen (BBQ assistance) and Sue Gavel (cooking.) Without the valued contribution of these people the Fete certainly would not have been the success that it was.