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Last updated 5:48 PM on 18 November 2013

All the action of the 'Hoopla'!


Parkview Public School P&C Treasurer Tracey Watson has hailed the 2013 edition of the school's Fete as a great success following a wonderful afternoon of entertainment hosted on the school grounds last Friday Night.

The most important aspect of the evening was the focus on children having fun! It was absolutely fantastic to see so many smiling faces enjoying the vast range of fun and interactive activities available for the young (and young at heart) to enjoy!

Mrs Watson was glowing in her praise of the community volunteers who put the Fete together: "In particular I would like to acknowledge the hard work of our Fete Steering Committee. This tireless group of women and men spent a lot of time over the last 12 months planning the event and clearly all of their hard work paid off for the children of our community tonight."

The successful running of such a huge event could not be completed without the support of a number of outside organisations. We received incredibly generous support from local businesses (which are listed in our newsletter) and also a number of local donors who provided invaluable in-kind support. These included:

-Leeton Shire Council

-Leeton Community Church

-Leeton-Whitton Football-Netball Club

-Leeton Public School P&C

-Rotary Club Of Leeton Central

Without the support of these organisations we would not have been able to conduct the Fete in the way we did. A final acknowledgement must be reserved for the student helpers from Leeton High School. We were lucky enough to have over 30 students who gave of their time throughout the Fete. Their support was outstanding, underlining what wonderful ambassadors these students are for their school.

One of the real highlights of the Fete was the Daisy Drop, with the following winners announced on the night:

Daisy Drop Winners


1st: #335 David Tabain ($2000)


Consolation Prices

#081: L. Conroy ($500)

#611: P. Meline ($250)

#119: H. Reberger ($250)

#561: J. Lipscombe ($100)

#580: T. Evans ($100)

#578: B. O'Leary ($100)

#429: S. Whelan ($100)

#731: S. Watson ($100)

#723: M. Axtill ($100)

#288: D. Cregan ($100)

#560: P. Cirillo ($100)

#846: S. Violi ($100)

#879: L. Warr ($100)

#040: T. McMillan ($100)

#386: S. Peet ($100)

#819: M. Boots ($100)

#881: I. Lang ($100)

#817: T. Ingram ($100)