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Last updated 3:01 PM on 10 October 2011

The PPS SRC held a very successful 'Footy Colours' Mufti Day on the last Wednesday of Term 3 to help raise funds for Year 3 student Candice Murphy who is currently spending a lot of time in the Sydney Children's Hospital recovering from illness.

The SRC identified the huge expense being incurred by Candice's family and wanted to help out in some way. The Footy Colours Mufti Day gave students a fun way they could contribute, with the PPS P&C pledging 'dollar for dollar' support for the fundraiser.

In total $740 was raised for the Murphy family, which was presented in the form of a fuel card to assist with the huge amount of travel being undertaken between Leeton and Sydney.

The PPS P&C also presented a return air fare courtesy of Rex Airlines to assist with the travel burden.

The Murphy Family would like to thank everyone in the Parkview Community for their genrosity and support at this time!