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Last updated 1:36 PM on 15 September 2015
2015 PPS Athletics Age Champions


Freeman House have won their third successive Parkview PS Athletics title following two outstanding days of competition recently at the Leeton High School Ovals.
The carnival set a number of records including the highest ever student participation at a Parkview Carnival, wth more than 300 students engaged in activities.
On the track, Tamika Rourke broke records in the 9 Years Girls 100m, Junior Girls 200m and Junior Girls 800m while Portia Marks set a new mark in the 11 Years Girls 200m. In the field, Tamika Rourke also set a new mark, breaking a 17 year old record in the Junior Girls Shot Put.
Freeman House produced 4 of the 6 age champions for the year, with students from Thorpe and Bradman Houses to be commended for their participation and effort throughout the day.
A highlight of the new carnival format was the 100m Finals that were hosted in front of a massive crowd on Day 2 of the carnival. It was also great to see so many of our Infants students engaged in their 70m age race as well as extensive rotations of field events. They were very enthusiastic about participating in all of their activities.
A huge thank you is extended to all of the parents and community members who assisted with the running of the carnival and also to the large numbers of community members who took the opportunity to come to the carnival and support children in their respective events.
Age Champions
Junior Boys: Blake Ryan
Junior Girls: Tamika Rourke
11 Years Boys: Brandon Crowe
11 Years Girls: Shaylan Protheroe
Senior Boys: Corey Axtill
Senior Girls: Portia Marks
House Points
Freeman 554
Thorpe 510
Bradman 439