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Last updated 5:53 AM on 18 December 2014

Freeman Captains Hannah Pianca and Jack Quinlivan with the spoils of victory.

Freeman House have come within a whisker of a clean sweep in the 2014 Farrell Cup interhouse Ball Games Competition at Parkview Public School with some inspired performances recently. Having not lifted Ball Games silver ware in the Stage 3 Competition in four years, the Reds won three of the four trophies available including the major trophy to have their supporters and peers cheering with delight.

Freeman took home the Early Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 competitions and were narrowly shut out of the Stage 1 event which ended in a tie between Thorpe and Bradman Houses.

The competition was played in traditionally good spirit with the atmosphere of the Parkview Quadrangle again much like a cauldron as the chants of the respective team rang out around the school. Parkview Sports Coordinator Matthew Collins was again impressed by the performances of the students. "The children were again terrific today. As always the sportsmanship was of the highest calibre while the execution of the skills was probably as good as we have seen it in a decade. Congratulations to Freeman House in particular who were deserved winners on the day in the majority of competitions.

The Farrell Cup signalled the end of interhouse competition for 2014, with the overall winner of the 2014 pointscore crowned at Presentation Night.