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Last updated 9:19 AM on 21 December 2015

Luke Melidonis and grandson Luca Pitt.


Hundreds of Grandparents flocked to Parkview Public School to enjoy the school's annual Grandparent's Day celebrations held on October 26.

Open Classrooms, the promise of a delicious Devonshire Tea provided by the P&C Canteen and the sharing of modern educational experiences in classrooms kept the all members of the community engaged for a long period of time.

One of the highlights of the day was the shared learning between the children and their grandparents. Initially students took grandparents to their classrooms to show off their experiences in a 21st Century Classroom fully equipped with all of the modern technological aides such as iPads, Interactive Whiteboards and computers, while the grandparents led students in traditional playground games such as hopscotch, elastics, marbles, knuckles, elastics, hookey, skipping and much more.

The day was again a great celebration of community, with many photos of the event available live now in our photo gallery section of the website.