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Last updated 3:00 PM on 10 October 2011

Parkview Public's Easter Hat Parade was an outstanding success on the last day of Term 1, with a huge crowd of community members attending to celebrate with the children and enjoy a tasty Easter lunch supplied by the school's canteen.

Most students got into the spirit of the occasion designing some wonderfully creative hats.

The winners of the respective class hat designs were:

KB – Maddison Smith, Tyler O'Connell                                           Year 3 – Acadia Lee, Jacob Mills

KQ – Ryan Hughes, Hilary Wozniak                                               Year 4 – Zac Hill, Anisa Cook

Year 1/2 – Amy Kinsella, Christian MacGregor                               Year 5 – Chelsea Axtill, Trent Carroll

Year 2 – Wayne Martin, Kate Balaz                                               Year 6 – Mitchell Watson, Kayla Fitzgerald


Photos of the Easter Hat Parade can be found in the photo album on the site.

The winners in the Easter Hat competition!