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Last updated 12:36 PM on 29 September 2014

Angus Ingram gets re-acquainted with Healthy Harold!

Parkview Public School has just concluded a 5 day visit from the Life Education Van and specifically the kids favourite character 'Healthy Harold'.

Harold along with Life Education educator Michelle Crowther spent the final week Term 3 at the school providing all children Kindergarten-Year 6 with the opportunity to visit the van and engage in vital education linked to the Personal Development/ Health/ Physical Education syllabus area.

The stage appropriate learning continues to provide an extensive and interactive link to lifestyle choices and the impact these choices have on engaging in and sustaining healthy lifestyles.

As always the children interacted positively with the well structured and innovative learning experiences offered by Life Education and were keen to get re-acquainted with Harold the Giraffe.

Images from the Life Education Van's visit to Parkview can be found in the Photo Gallery section of the website.