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Last updated 4:49 PM on 26 February 2017

2017 Parkview PS House Leaders


Parkview Public School's House Captains were elected recently and inducted with the support of peers and family members at a ceremony conducted recently.

Parkview PS Principal Travis Irvin was excited about the depth of leadership present in the Year 6 cohort at the school in 2017. "The 12 house leaders complement the already elected School Captains and Vice Captains and provide our students with some excellent role models to aspire to. Our House Leaders form a vital organisational role within our school and I am sure this year's inductees will carry on the fine tradition set by their predecessors."

The 2017 House Leaders at Parkview Public School are"

Bradman House

Captains: Phoenix Jones-Grieve and Makayla Bradshaw

Vice Captains: Daniel Bowyer and Ella Cregan

Freeman House

Captains: Blake Ryan and Dakota Boardman

Vice Captains: Mason Boardman and Tatum Marks

Thorpe House

Captains: Eligh Watson and Chelsea Berney-Paterson

Vice Captains: Thomas Heins and Alayna Croucamp