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Last updated 1:41 PM on 13 April 2014

Bryson Winkels enjoys the parade


Around 800 community members have gathered to celebrate the impending Easter season at the Parkview Public School Easter Hat Parade at school last Thursday.

All students K-6 engaged in the fun of the parade, with over 300 hats brightening an overcast day that threatened, but ultimately didn't, put a dampner on the school's biggest Easter Hat Parade ever.

Prizes were awarded to various students from classes for their unique designs and ideas, while a well received family lunch put the exclamation point on another wonderful community event at Parkview. Thanks is extended to all of the families who took the time and energy allow their children to participate.

Award Winners

KB: Hayley Mulloy, Drew Browne

KD: Hailey Smith, Xavier Johnstone

KF: Skyla Patten, Ben Watson

1M: Ella-Rose Thomson-Apps, Sonny Bradshaw

1W: Shayla Richards, Tyrone Ingram

1/2C: Shaylee Wortley, Jacob Keech

2M: Laura Wall, Michael Jennings

2T: Mercedes Stockton, Jye Connell

3T: Elizah Byrnes, Maison Wright

3/4H: Angelina Santos, Kade Godden

4H: Clair Godfrey, Jayden Gill

5MI: Taylah Aliendi, Darcy Meline

6C: Molly Donohoe, Reece Keech