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Last updated 4:56 PM on 5 March 2013

Shaylan Protheroe and Moe Lloyd enjoy Open Day!

Hundreds of Parkview community members have flocked to the school's Open Day, held in classrooms and the surrounding grounds of the school on Tuesday, March 5th.

Parents and carers shared classroom time with children and engaged in a range of interactive activities throughout a fun-packed middle session before sharing a delicious family lunch.

All classes had something different to offer parents, with treasure hunts, science experiments, juggling and jewellery making among the many activities that engaged both adults and children. Parents and carers also took the time to examine workbooks and classrooms displays, while proud parents showed off their fantastic work already achieved this year.

Parkview's Instructional Leader Ms Merilyn Blakeman was thrilled with the community response. "It was great to again see so many parents eager to engage in the education of their children! It is a key component of a successful literacy and numeracy strategy at our school to invite parents to be in our school as much as possible, and days like today re-inforce how valuable the positive relationship that we have between our kids and their parents is."

Ms Blakeman confirmed on-going initiatives that continue to benefit the school. "We are very lucky to have parents who value the education process so much that they engage in literacy and numeracy groups, band, choir, sport and a whole lot more. The outcomes of all our students wholistically continues to benefit from this support."