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Last updated 8:22 AM on 28 October 2014

Darcy Meline spends time with both of his grandfathers!

Over 600 community members including in excess of 200 grandparents flocked to Parkview Public School on Monday to celebrate Grandparent's Day at the school.

Set to recognise Grandparent's Day which is officially recognised on Sunday, 26th October, grandparents along with students enjoyed a delicious Devonshire Tea before engaging in some favourite school games from yesteryear including jacks, marbles, hookey, elastics, hopscotch, skipping and handball before heading to open classrooms for a taste of modern day education.

Once in the classrooms it was the children's turn to educate their grandparents, with use of tablet technologies, online learning systems and interactive whiteboards all highlighting the ever evolving face of modern education.

The day was a tremendous success with coordinators Mrs Leanne Hillyer and Miss Desni White thrilled with the success of the day. "It was tremendous to have so many grandparents in the school to engage with their grandchildren's education today" said Mrs Hillyer. Miss White was even more enthusiastic, reflecting on the interaction of the young and young at heart. "The older members of our community have some much to offer. It was great to see grandparents teaching and engaging in traditional games today and then enjoying time in classrooms using the technology that their grandchildren interact with everyday."

Images from Grandparent's Day can be found on our website in the Gallery.