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Last updated 11:32 AM on 20 November 2011

Eugene Goosen Hall, the scene of the final.Jacob Mills has returned from his visit to the NSW Finals of the Premier's Spelling Bee content that he did his best, and knowing he could correctly spell the final word of the competition (plankton), despite not reaching that stage of the final.

Jacob was eliminated in the third round of competition unluckily receiving the word 'steppe' (pronounced 'step', meaning a large area of flat, un-forested grassland in south-eastern Europe or Siberia). In true Parkview style Jacob displayed tremendous sportsmaship when eliminated from the competition. 



 Parkview student (Chelsea Axtill did so in 2009) to earn the opportunity to compete in Eugene Goosen Hall at the ABC Centre in Ultimo. The venue itself is quite imposing for young students, a packed grandstand seating over 600 people bearing down on participants. It is however a great atmosphere and a wonderful experience for children privileged enough to attend. Congratulations to Jacob on being such a fine ambassador for our school community.