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Last updated 12:34 PM on 11 June 2017

James Rourke and Jaxon Ryan


Two Parkview students achieve something that has not been achieved by a Parkview community member in 20 years.

James Rourke and Jaxon Ryan represented the Riverina at the NSWPSSA AFL Championships in Parkes, with the boys part of a team that won an amazing Grand Final to be crowned state champions!

Both boys produced some excellent football during the week, with James playing in a midfield and defensive role while Jaxon was used primarily has a key forward. Riverina recoverd from a 46 point defeat on night one of the championships to win the State Championships in the most thrilling fashion, holding on for a 1 point victory in the Grand Final over Mackillop (Southern NSW Catholic Schools).

Both boys represented their region, school and families with distinction and we can all be justifiably proud of their achievements. It is the first time in 20 years a Parkview students has won a state championship in any sport, an incredible achievement indeed!


Championship Scores:

Day 1

Round 1

Riverina 3.3.21

Sydney West 1.6.12

Round 2

Riverina 1.0.6

Mackillop 8.8.56


Day 2

Round 3

Riverina 4.4.28

CIS 0.2.2

Quarter Final

Riverina 8.6.54

Sydney North 1.3.9


Day 3

Semi Final

Riverina 3.5.23

CIS 2.1.13

Grand Final

Riverina 3.7.25

Mackillop 3.6.24