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Last updated 5:38 PM on 26 February 2013

Open Day Fun!


The Term 1 K-6 Open Day will be hosted next Tuesday, 5th March at the school. The day offers parents, carers and family members the chance to interact in the classroom environment with children engage in fun and meaningful lessons. Children love the opportunity to show their family members what they have been doing at school, and it provides adults with a chance to look at what the children have achieved in the 5 short weeks since school commenced for 2013.

Classrooms will be open at the following times for parents and carers to enjoy:

12.15pm: Years 3-6

12.45pm: Kindergarten-Year 2

1.25pm: Family Lunch in the playground (available from the School Canteen; order form attached).

The Open Day also represents a great chance to share lunch with children and staff and get a feel for the great family atmosphere that we enjoy here at Parkview Public School.

We look forward to seeing many people here at the school for Open Day!

Open Day Lunch Order (docx 49 KB)