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Last updated 7:22 AM on 25 June 2012

The Engine Room!

Parkview Public School's reputation of providing innovative and effective educational opportunties for students has been further enhanced with the successful application of the most contemporary literacy pedagogy, L3, in Kindergarten classrooms at the school this year.

L3 (Literacy, Language & Learning) is an early intervention literacy program for students in Kindergarten. The teaching style provides rich lilteracy experiences to support all students to become successful readers and writers.

The program is taught in short, sharp, explicit 10 minute lessons focusing on both reading and writing. L3 is taught in the classroom to small groups of three students as part of the daily literacy lesson, while the remainder of the class works independently on carefully selected literacy tasks. This environment has facilitated meaningful small group focus as well as students who from a young age are developing autonomy and taking ownership of their learning.

L3 monitors student progress on a daily basis in all aspects of the K-6 English Curriculum and promotes the consistent collection and analysis of student data. The small group focus ensures teachers are able to quickly respond to the individual learning needs of all students as they progress in the acquisition of literacy skills.

Riverina L3 Professional Learning Coordinator Karen Date is extremely impressed with the results gained at Parkview comparative to other teaching strategies employed previously. "The school has really embraced this pedagogy and the results in terms of student outcomes and data progression are clear for all to see. The skilled teachers at Parkview have displayed great enthusiasm for the implementation of the program, and the school has been the focus point for professional learning for other schools in the region this year".

Parkview Principal Travis Irvin endorsed Mrs Date's comments. "The interactive, independent, innovative and small group nature of L3 has been proven to be an outstanding success. Our data reflects children acquiring and applying skills 4-6 months quicker than we have seen utilising other classroom delivery methods relating to Literacy. The kids love spending time in the 'Engine Room' with their teacher before applying their skills in any number of structured independent work stations around the room including interactive and independent writing, utilising iPad applications, Reading Eggs, oral language, visual discrimination, listening, handwriting, sentence building, sight words, sequencing to name a few.

This structure has also proven popular with parents and carers, providing a daily opportunity for them to be in classrooms and making contributions to their children's education by contributing to some of the small group scenarios on offer in their child's learning environment.

L3 is part of an overall acceleration strategy relating to student understanding across the curriculum, with numeracy outcomes all addressed via contemporary means via the implementation of 'inTENsive' (Targeted Early Numeracy Strategies) in all K-2 classrooms.