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Last updated 7:27 AM on 4 January 2013

Fun times ahead at the Kinder 2013 Play Dates!

Kindergarten 2013 Play Dates will again return this summer, aimed at providing Parkview Public School's newest students with the opportunity to maintain peer relationships that were fostered during the school's 17 week Kindergarten transition program in 2012.

These informal gatherings will be hosted in the Central Park playground adjacent to the school, and provide opportunities for children and parents alike to gather in a non-threatening and social environment ahead of the commencement of school late in January.

The Play Dates are by no means mandatory, but have in the past provided a valuable opportunity for children to mix. Those who do attend are encouraged to bring along a hat and a refreshing morning tea or at least a water bottle as the weather is predicted to be hot throughout January!

Kindergarten 2013 Play Dates will be held at the following times:

Monday, 7th January from 10am.

Monday, 14th January from 10am

Monday, 21st January from 10am

Monday, 28th January from 10am

Parents and carers are encouraged to come for as long as they feel appropriate. We hope to see you there.