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Last updated 3:00 PM on 10 October 2011

Parkview PS, Leeton PS and Yanco PS will this week combine to host the first Leeton Community Of Public School Information Forum, to be hosted at the Stan Axtill Centre on Tuesday, 29th June from 6pm.


The evening will include guest speakers from different areas of expertise within the Department of Education and Training. These speakers will include:

  • Mr Peter MacLean (School Education Director-Riverina West)
  • Mr Jason Wilesmith (Riverina Sports Organiser)
  • Mr Neil Warnock (Riverina Information Technology Consultant)
  • Mrs Moira Kingwell (Riverina Region Disabilities Consultant)
  • Mrs Tanya O'Halloran (Leeton PS Kindergarten Teacher focusing Kindergarten readiness)
  • Miss Jodie Boardman and Miss Yvonne Quinlivan (Parkview PS Kindergarten Teachers focusing on Best Start assessment practises)

All parents seeking to enrol their students in a public school in 2011, or wishing to gain informationabout making informed decisions on where to send their children to school are invited to attend this forum.


Tea and Coffee and a light snack will be provided at the conclusion. For information on specific transition programs for each school, parents and carers should contact the schools individually.