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Last updated 12:30 PM on 12 March 2012

This Friday, March 16th, Parkview PS will be participating in a softball gala with fellow public schools. The day will feature the 2nd round of the NSWPSSA softball knockout as well as being a platform to select LNPSSA teams to compete at zone level. Last Tuesday boys and girls in Years 5-6 trialled for selection into the PPS boys and girls softball squad. Those students who are not competing as a member of this squad will attend the gala day as part of a mufti team which will also play non-competitve games on the day. Permission notes, listing a canteen menu, were handed out on Friday.

Below are the 2 squads selected from Tuesday's trial. Both teams will play Leeton PS in their first match of the day. Results will determine their next opponent on the day.

Please note that the recent flood event may interfere with the running of this event. Any changes will be communicated as they arise.

PPS Boys Softball Team PPS Girls Softball Team
Wil Grantham Siarne Deeves
Brandon Hollies Anisa Cook
Micheal Keech Irish Wheatley
Kyle Richards Gemma Higgins
Paul Poto Emily Russell
Bryce Watts Rianna Ingram
April Tabal Carley Graham
Mathew Axtill Alanis Wortley
Rhett McGregor Tess Staines
Caleb Watson Hayley Graham
Dylan McKellar Sophie Smith
Jaykob Williams Olivia Eisenhut