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Last updated 6:25 PM on 14 February 2018

Cricket Team


Parkview's Representative Cricket team have regained the Terry McGrath Shield after being crowned LNPSSA T20 Cricket Champions after a brilliant day of cricket at the LHS Ovals last Friday 2 February.

In the opening game of the day, Parkview won the toss and elected to bat against Narrandera and piled on the runs to score a super competitive 3/109 from their alotted 20 overs. Tallis McMillan top scored with Parkview retiring on 29, while Jesse Watson (23) and Hayden Gilmour (13) were both impressive with the bat for Parkview.

In reply Narrandera were in early trouble with Jesse Watson (3/5) reducing the visitors to 3/8 before his brother Charlie Watson (2/4) found himself on a hat-trick as Narrandera finished their run chase on 8/58, Parkview winning by 51 runs.


Parkview PS vs Narrandera PS

Parkview won the toss and elected to Bat

Parkview Innings

J.Watson C Hutchins B Robertson 23

T. McMillan RETIRED 29

H. Gilmour B Vidler 13

J. Hammond B Rankin 4

S. Lloyd NOT OUT 6

J. Rourke NOT OUT 4

Extras (2b, 21w, 4nb) 27

Total (20 Overs) 3/109 (cc)

Fall: 25, 63, 96

Narrandera Innings

K. Bloomfield C Watson B Longford 23

B. Davies B J. Watson 0

O. Hutchins B J. Watson 0

H. Odgers B J. Watson 0

A. Rankin NOT OUT 7

A. McGilvray B Lloyd 0

C. Irons B C. Watson 0

H. Robertson B C. Watson 0

C. Ireland C Rourke B Maskey 1

R. Vidler NOT OUT 0

Extras (3b, 22w, 4nb) 29

Total (20 Overs) 8/58 (cc)

Fall: 3, 4, 8, 43, 48, 48, 48, 57

Parkview Bowling

J. Watson 2/0/3/5; H. Gilmour 2/0/0/11; T. Axtill 2/0/0/5; T. McMillan 2/0/0/4; J. Longford 1/0/1/15; D. Browne 2/0/0/3; C. Watson 3/1/2/4; S. Lloyd 1/0/1/1; T. Maskey 1/0/1/3; J. Rourke 1/0/0/3; J. Hammond 1/0/0/2

Parkview won by 51 runs.

In the final, Parkview were sent into bat after Leeton PS won the toss. Parkview's openers put together an impressive partnership of 71 with Tallis McMillan (26 ret.) and Jesse Watson (25 ret.) both finishing unbeaten while Shane Lloyd (18) kept the scoreboard ticking over late in the innings to help PPS reach an imposing 5/116 after 20 Overs.

In reply Leeton PS slumped to 3/13 thanks to inspired bowling from Jesse Watson (2/3), Tallis McMilllan (1/10) and Hayden Gilmour (1/19), and despite some middle order resistance from Leeton PS the run rate required was always too much as Drew Browne (2/14) took late wickets to leave Leeton PS at 7/65 when the final ball was bowled, 51 runs in arrears of Parkview who won their third LNPSSA Cricket Championship in four years.

Parkview will now play the Riverina Semi Final later in the term.


Parkview PS vs Leeton PS

Leeton won the toss and elected to Bowl

Parkview Innings

J.Watson RETIRED 25

T. McMillan RETIRED 26

H. Gilmour C Deaton B Collins 3

J. Longford Hit Wicket B Hillier 2

L. Pitt B Wallett 3

S. Lloyd B Collins 18

J. Rourke NOT OUT 9

T. Axtill C Hillier B Collins 0

J. Hammond NOT OUT 1

Extras (24w, 5nb) 29

Total (20 Overs) 5/116 (cc)

Fall: 72, 73, 89, 110, 110

Leeton Innings

J. Evans B J. Watson 1

C. Jackson C Rourke B Gilmour 2

L. Collins C and B McMillan 13

E. McDonald B C. Watson 12

J. Allan LBW B J. Watson 1

L. Deaton B Browne 2

V. Wate NOT OUT 17

M. Wallett B Browne 0

Extras (2b, 9w) 11

Total (20 Overs) 7/65 (cc)

Fall: 2, 7, 13, 38, 38, 65, 65

Parkview Bowling

J. Watson 4/2/2/3; T. McMillan 4/0/1/10; H. Gilmour 4/0/1/19; D. Browne 4/0/2/14; S. Lloyd 2/0/0/7; C. Watson 2/0/1/11


Parkview won by 51 runs.