Older News  » MacGregor makes is back to back for Parkview in LCOPS Chess Champs!

Last updated 8:43 AM on 20 October 2014

Christian MacGregor with the spoils of victory.

On Thursday, 9th October Parkview PS hosted the annual LCOPS Chess Competition. The school had had 11 students participating in this cerebral battle of wits and strategy including Dylan Brown, Jack McClure, Cooper Holmes, Christian MacGregor, Lachlan Holden, Lilly Davies, Jaylen Milvain, Owen Kearney, Cody Brown, Bryce Robinson and Scott Draper.

Our students competed valiantly in all the competition games and then continued to play through many ‘scratch matches' once they had been defeated. This allowed them to discuss ideas and strategies with students from other schools.

However, creeping through the ranks, quietly defeating all the opposition were Christian MacGregor and Jack McClure. These two were in blistering form, winning all their games and resulting in a Parkview head to head finals competition. Jack put in a strategic effort but in the end was out-manoeuvred by Christian. Congratulations go to Christian MacGregor on winning the final game and maintaining a fine family tradition! (Rhett MacGregor was the 2013 winner). 

Congratulations to all students for a fine effort and a great day!