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Last updated 4:36 PM on 19 October 2013

Parkview's 2013 Distinction Grade students.

Parkview Public School students have achieved some outstanding results in the UNSW Educational Assessments this year, with final results distributed on Friday. In all 16 students sat for the University set assessments for the outstanding return of 13 Credit grades and even more impressively 4 Distinction Grades. The highest achievers from the school were Year 6 students Caleb Watson and Jacob Mills who achieved Distinction citations in Science, while Years 2 students Levi Block (Mathematics) and Madeline Irvin (English) were also afforded a Distinction honour.

The UNSW assessments consist of individual examinations across the subject areas of English, Mathematics, Spelling, Writing, Computer Education and Science. All students are invited to participate in the assessments via newsletter invitation.

Parkview Public School Assistant Principal and assessment supervisor Mrs Julie McAliece was ecstatic with the results this year. "The performances overall from our students are the best we have achieved in over a decade. The results are further proof of the incredible shift in outcomes we are achieving in our school for all students. In the specific this result further re-inforces the excellent enrichment programs we are facilitating for our talented students at Parkview."

The results were further positive educational measurement news for the school following extremely pleasing NAPLAN results released last week as well.

The full list of Parkview student achievements is outlined below:


Caleb Watson (Science)

Jacob Mills (Science)

Levi Block (Mathematics)

Madeline Irvin (English)


Caleb Watson (Mathematics, Spelling)

Jacob Mills (Computer, Spelling, Mathematics)

Hannah Pianca (Mathematics)

Lilly Davies (Science, Spelling)

Eligh Watson (Mathematics)

Levi Block (English)

Madeline Irvin (Mathematics)