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Last updated 7:37 AM on 19 October 2012

Brooke Schmetzer appears to have her balance all sorted!


Parkview Public School's Infants students have embarked on a new weekly gym program thanks to a significant new investment made by the school recently.

Weekly on a Tuesday students spend around 30 minutes engaged in a circuit that consists of 6 specific activities arranged in a circuit designed to improve gross motor skills specifically related to balance, striking, coordination, upper body strength and core body strength.

Relieving Parkview PS Assistant Principal Fiona Hislop has been the driving force behind the new concept and is thrilled with both the way the children have embraced the program as well as the results she is seeing from the students' engagement in the new activities.

"It is well known that active children tend to have the best concentration spans when it comes to all forms of learning. What we are already seeing is an huge improvement in our kids' gross motor skills and body strength, and the flow on effect in the classroom has tended to show our children being even more settled and engaged than they were before."

Kindergarten Teacher Paige Frazer has also been impressed with the children's engagement in the activity. "The children really enjoy the challenges that the new circuit provides. Especially for Kindergarten students, many of whom are still developing their emerging gross motor skills, this circuit has proven a valuable addition to our PD/H/PE program."

Parents are invited to come and experience for themselves the new program when it is set up on a Tuesday in the School Hall.