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Last updated 6:45 AM on 28 March 2012

The Boys Soccer team at the LNPSSA Carnival


THe Parkview Boys Soccer team have finished runner up to Leeton PS at the inaugural LNPSSA Boys Soccer Gala Day. Buoyed by a first round defeat of Narrandera PS the Parkview team competed well against a much more experienced opponent but eventually sucumbed to 0-6 loss. The scoreline in now way reflecting the quality of the game.

Parkview got off to an energetic start in their Round 1 match against Narrandera PS. Decisive passing by midfielders Rhett McGregor (5) and Mathew Axtill (5) fed quality ball to strikers Brandon Hollies (6) and Paul Poto (6) who had several shots on goal. After an excellent defensive effort, where Narrandera had the chance to score through a free kick in the box, both teams went to the break with no score. Micheal Keech was excellent in the first half clearing the ball for his midfield in defence. The 2nd half of the game began well for Parkview. Subsititure Matthew Lord (5) added much vigour to the Parkview attack. Paul Poto was unlucky to have a goal rejected by an excellent save by the Narrandera keeper. After several raids on goal and on the back of sustained effort by midfielders Mathew Axtill and Wil Grantham, Parkview eventually created an opportunity in the latter half of the 2nd half. Jaykob Williams (5) cleared a Narrandera ball in defence which was then moved throught the midfield to striker Brandon Hollies (6) who made no mistake in potting an excellent close range goal. The Parkview boys were understandably thrilled and maintained this advantage to finish 1-0 victors.

Parkivew moved on to Round 2 to face Leeton PS in the final. The boys knew that they would have to play some fine football to compete with a side who had very easily disposed of Leeton Small Schools in their previous fixture. The match began at a very quick pace with Leeton dominating possession. On the back of this they were able to score their first goal very early. Parkview rallied in the first half on the back of effective attack by Paul Poto and Rhett McGregor. Micheal Keech and Dylan McKellar (5) were outstanding in defence in a half where Leeton could have easily picked up 2 or 3 more goals. At half time the score was 0-3 to Leeton. Substitutions were made at half time which proved crucial given the warm weather. Brayden Ingram (6) added much vigour to the attack which benefitted from Jaykob Williams inclusion. Kyle Richards (6) was an absolute wall in defence and asserted himself with confidence when given opportunities. Leeton proved to be a more experienced side and used their knowledge of the game to control the ball throughout the 2nd half. Goal Keeper Caleb Watson (5) kept very well and blunted many shots on goals. He rallied after an early error in the match and demonstrated outstanding commitment to his team. The final result was 0-6.

In excellent news, Brandon Hollies (6), Paul Poto (6), Mathew Axtill (5) and Rhett McGregor (5) were all selected into the LNPSSA Boys Soccer team which will compete at the Riverina Championships held in Cootamundra.

All in all it was an excellent advertisment for Parkview sport! Our boys played to their potential and should be proud of their efforts. They were a pleasure to take away to represent their school.