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Last updated 5:10 PM on 26 February 2013

Our Parkview team, wearing the baggy green!

Parkview has enjoyed its most successful day on the cricket field in over a decade, winning one game, suffering a narrow defeat and having three children selected to contest Riverina PSSA Cricket Trials from last Friday's LNPSSA T20 Cricket Gala Day hosted at the Narrandera High School Ovals.

Tess Staines (Girls Trials at Holbrook) as well as Mathew Axtill and Rhett MacGregor (Boys Trials at Deniliquin) will seek higher honours following impressive performances on the day, but it was the cohesive display from the school's 1st XI, decked out for the first time in the Parkview Baggy Green that drew great acclaim from an enjoyable day.

Below are the match reports and scorecards from both fixtures.

Game 1 Scorecard

PARKVIEW PS V LEETON PS (at Narrandera High School Oval No. 2)

Leeton PS won the toss and elected to bat

Leeton PS Innings

B. Wallace                   NOT                 OUT                 33

J. Baulch                                              B Keech             1

J. Doyle                        C &                  B MacGregor     0

K. Schmetzer                                        B MacGregor    4

H. Rudd                       NOT                 OUT                 13

Extras (2b, 1lb, 34w, 1nb)                                            38

Total (20 Overs)                                                      3/88(cc)

Fall: 4, 13, 65

Parkview PS Bowling

M. Axtill 4/0/0/15, R. Keech 4/1/1/9, T. Staines 3/0/0/14, R. MacGregor 4/0/2/19, J. McClure 2/0/0/18, C. Watson 2/0/0/4, J. Williams 1/0/0/7


Parkview PS Innings

R. MacGregor             C Doyle            B Wallace        11

R. Keech                    C Schmetzer     B Rudd              0

M. Axtill                        C Schmetzer    B Ahmed           4

J. Williams                   C Rudd             B Baulch          10

K. Watts                                               B Shafi              9

C. Watson                   RUN                 OUT                   3

D. McKellar                  NOT                 OUT                   0

J. Quinlivan                 NOT                 OUT                   1

Extras (1b, 23w, 4nb)                                                  28

Total (20 Overs)                                                     6/67(cc)

 Fall: 2, 19, 20, 51, 65, 66

 Leeton PS Bowling

N. Shafi 4/2/1/3, H. Rudd 4/1/1/7, B. Wallace 3/0/1/17, O. Ahmed3/0/1/12, J. Baulch 2/0/1/11, T. Collins 2/0/0/10, J. Doyle 1/0/0/4, D. Barton 1/0/0/2


Leeton PS won by 21 runs

The first game was a tremendous game of school cricket, both teams exhibiting fine skills in all elements of the game. Leeton PS won the toss and elected to bat, finding themselves in early trouble at 2/13 following some tight bowling from Mathew Axtill and wicket taking deliveries from Reece Keech and Rhett McGregor. A solid partnership of 52 for the third wicket from Leeton PS ensured a competitive total was amassed, with Braxton Wallace (33no) and Harrison Rudd (13no) making valuable contributions in a total of 3/88 (20 overs).


For Parkview, Rhett McGregor (2/19) and Reece Keech (1/9) did the damage with the ball while Mathew Axtill (0/15) and Caleb Watson (0/4) bowled economically.


In the chase, Parkview lost early wickets and slumped to 3/20, however a rear guard action from Koby Watts (9) and Jaykob Williams (10) saw the pair add 31 for the 4thwicket, and another useful partnership between Caleb Watson and Watts took Parkview to 4/65 and needing just 23 from the final 5 overs.


From that point the Leeton PS bowlers proved too good, with the combination of Shafi and Rudd producing 4 excellent overs to see off a brave Parkview challenge, Leeton PS winning by 21 runs. Rhett McGregor (11) top scored for Parkview in an even team performance, while Dylan McKellar and Mathew Axtill also played some delightful strokes that went un-rewarded thanks to some brilliant LPS fielding.


Game 2 Scorecard

PARKVIEW PS V NARRANDERA PS (at Narrandera High School Oval No. 1)

Parkview PS won the toss and elected to bat

Parkview PS Innings

M. Axtill                                              B Williamson     0

R. MacGregor                                    B Williams       26

M. Lord                                              B Matthews       2

T. Staines                                          B Williams       15

J. McClure                            RETIRED                        5

C. Axtill                                 RETIRED                        5

J. Quinlivan               RUN                 OUT                   0

J. Williams                 NOT                 OUT                   5

C. Watson                 RUN                 OUT                   5

Extras (2b, 35w, 3nb)                                                40

Total (20 Overs)                                                 5/105(cc)

Fall: 1, 5, 65, 67, 93

Narrandera PS Bowling

J. Williamson 4/0/1/9, R. Matthews 4/0/1/18, B. Baxter 3/0/0/13, Tyler Mohr 2/0/0/13, Taylor Mohr 3/0/0/28, O. Williams 2/0/2/11, D. Whiteman 1/0/0/8, S. Bolton 1/0/0/3

Narrandera PS Innings

S. Bolton                               RETIRED                      7

O. Williams                 C Watson         B Watts           0

J. Williamson               RUN     OUT (Williams)           2

W. Taringa                            RETIRED                     2

Taylor Mohr                          RETIRED                      0

K. Ellis                       NOT                 OUT                 1

R. Mathews                                         B Quinlivan     0

B. Baxter                                             B MacGregor  3

D. Whiteman                                       B M. Axtill        0

E. Odgers                   TIMED             OUT                 0

Tyler Mohr                  TIMED             OUT                 0

Extras (1b, 1lb, 25w, 2nb)                                          29

Total (16 overs)                                                       


44 (all out)

Fall: 7, 16, 31, 37, 37, 44, 44, 44

Parkview PS Bowling

R. Keech 2/2/0/0, K. Watts 2/0/1/9, C. Axtill 2/0/0/6, D. McKellar 2/0/0/5, M. Lord 2/0/0/7, J. Quinlivan 2/0/1/8, M. Axtill 2/0/1/2, R. MacGregor 2/0/1/5


Parkview won by 61 runs

The second game of the day saw Parkview register its first win in a Brian Taber Shield match since 2001 with a fantastic 61 run victory over hosts Narrandera.


Winning the toss and batting, Parkview slumped to 2/5 after losing skipper Mathew Axtill and Matthew Lord to good bowling from the Narrandera attack. Rhett MacGregor (26) and Tess Staines (15) then set about salvaging the innings, putting together a partnership of 60 at almost a run a ball to put Parkview in a very strong position.


Good batting at the end of the innings from Corey Axtill and Jack McClure who both retired on 5 to give team mates an opportunity to bat, as well as unbeaten cameos from Jaykob Williams (5no) and Caleb Watson (5no) lifted the total to a formidable 5/105 after 20 overs.


In reply, Narrandera were always in trouble thanks to the economical bowling of the Parkview attack. Reece Keech opened the innings with to excellent maiden overs while Koby Watts secured the first break through, caught behind by keeper Watson.


Continued tight bowling from Corey Axtill, Dylan McKellar and Matthew Lord laid the foundation for a final onslaught from Jack Quinlivan (1/8), Mathew Axtill (1/2) and Rhett MacGregor (1/5) to tidy up the Narrandera Innings and secure the victory. Fielding was also a highlight for Parkview, with Jaykob Williams' direct hit run out a feature.


All players should be congratulated for their sportsmanship and application not only on the day but throughout the training sessions in the build-up. We have some very talented cricketers, many of whom should try their hand at Saturday Morning cricket when the opportunity presents itself next summer. Thanks is extended to all of the parents who made the effort to travel to Narrandera and support our team in the baggy green, with special thanks to Mr Adrian Axtill who gave of so much of his time to support the children not only at lunch times at school but during after school training session as well.