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Last updated 1:58 PM on 15 September 2015
Parkview PS Education Week Award winners


Six Parkview Public School community members have been recognised for their achievements and contributions to our community over recent years at the 2015 LCOPS Education Week Awards hosted at the Roxy Theatre recently.
Congratulations is extended to the following people on their citations:
Student Leadership: Katelyn Mills, Corey Axtill, Samara McMillan and Jai Patten
Staff Achievement: Mrs Bron Cherry
Community Contributions: Mrs Niomi McKellar
In addition to the awards ceremony, a major highlight of the event was our school ‘mini-band' featuring Taylah Aliendi, Emily Jennings, Charlie Longhurst, Lachlan Holden, Cooper Craker and Dakota Boardma who provided a real highlight of the live entertainment on offer during the event.