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Last updated 7:38 PM on 18 August 2013

Transition fun!

41 students have commenced their primary educational journey at Parkview Public School as Kindergarten 2014 Transition commenced at the school last Wednesday. Students engaged in a range of activities focused upon fundamental learning skills, while social experiences and familiarisation with the schools facilities and general environment was also a focus.

Kindergarten teachers Jodie Boardman and Paige Frazer were very impressed with how the children settled into their new environment. "All children settled beautifully into the Parkview environment today and quickly participated in school routines" Miss Frazer said. "There was a lot of excitement amongst parents and children today" added Miss Boardman. "The children were particularly keen to travel to school on the complimentary bus service!"

Parents shared time in the classroom environment with children as they explored their new environment while children engaged with a wide range of manipulative, constructive and more formal activities. Children also enjoyed lunch and a play in the infants playground during their stay.

Instructional Leader for Literacy and Numeracy Merilyn Blakeman was extremely enthusiastic following the commencement of the program. "It is great to have the children in the school environment for such a long period of time prior to the commencement of Kindergarten. Already we are able to identify ways of supporting children as they develop critical learning skills. The comprehensive nature of the program will ensure the children have an excellent grounding when they commence formal schooling in January."

The transition program continues every Wednesday at Parkview PS up until December 11th. Parents wishing to have the children included in the program can contact the Administration Office at Parkview PS for more information.

Images from the first day of transition will be available on our website shortly.