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Last updated 11:50 AM on 7 February 2016

The victorious Parkview team!


Parkview Public School has been crowned LNPSSA Cricket Champions for the second consecutive year after an absorbing day of cricket  at the Leeton High School Ovals recently.


Winning the toss and batting in the first game against Narrandera, Parkview got off to a brilliant start with Ben Schmidt (8) and Tyler O'Connell (25 retired) adding 43 in 8 overs for the opening wicket. Both departed within ball of each other, and when Codey Browne (6) hit his own wicket Parkview had been reduced 2/59. Riley Bradshaw (25 retired) and Thomas Heins (6) combined for a 40 run partnership taking the score to 3/99 after 18 overs before late order hitting from Blake Ryan and Mason Boardman took the final total to 5/110 from 20 overs.


Narrandera's run chase never got going thanks to some tight opening bowling from Tyler O'Connell and Jesse Watson. Riley Bradshaw (3/2) then ripped through the visitors top order, he and Jackson Ryan (2/1) reducing Narrandera to 6/3 , Kuliyha-Lee Lyons, Blake Ryan and Cody Browne all taking wickets as Narrandera were dismissed for 10 off 13.1 overs.



Parkview vs Narrandera

Toss won by Parkview PS

Innings of Parkview

T.O'Connell                           Retired                                                   25

B. Schmidt                                                           B Irons                       8

R. Bradshaw                          Retired                                                   25

C. Browne                              Hit Wicket             B Davis                       6

T. Heins                                 Run Out                                                    6

B. Crowe                                                              B Davis                      0

J. Ryan                                   Stp Hitchens         B Bateup                    0

B. Ryan                                   Not Out                                                   2

M. Boardman                         Not Out                                                    2

Extras (6b, 1lb, 33w)                                                                            40

Total (20 Overs)                                                                                   5/110 (cc)

Fall: 43, 59, 99, 100, 100


Narrandera Innings                             

R. Hitchens                                                            B Bradshaw             0

A. Irons                                                                   B O'Connell             0

X. Davis                                                                  B Bradshaw             0

D. Essam                                                                B Bradshaw             0

B. Tereva                                C Crowe                  B J. Ryan                 0

J. Tereva                                                                B Lyons                    0

K. Ozsay                                                                B J. Ryan                   0

J. Morgan                                                              B  B. Ryan                  0

C. Lyons                                  C Heins                   B Browne                 0

B. Bateup                                 Not Out                                                    0

S. Luck                                      Timed Out                                               0

Extras (1b, 8w, 1nb)                                                                             10

Total (13.1 Overs)                                                                                10 (all out)

Fall: 0, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 7, 10, 10, 10


Parkview Bowling

T. O'Connell 2/2/1/0; J. Watson 2/2/0/0; R. Bradshaw 2/1/3/2; J. Ryan 2/1/2/1; K. Lyons 2/1/1/1; R. Eade 1/0/0/3; M. Boardman 1/0/0/2; C. Browne 1/0/1/1; B. Ryan 0.1/0/1/0


Parkview won by 100 runs


Following the convincing victory over Narrandera PS, Parkview faced Leeton PS in the final who were fresh from a seven wicket win over Small Schools.


Winning the toss and batting again, Parkview lost Tyler O'Connell (6) early before a brilliant second wicket stand between Ben Schmidt (12) and Riley Bradshaw (27 retired) gave Parkview strong momentum heading to the  final overs of the innings. Some clever batting and running between the wickets by Thomas Heins (5 no) and Cody Browne (9) helped boost the Parkview total to a competitive 3/80 at the conclusion of the 20 allotted overs.


In reply Leeton PS slumped to 2/8 thanks to tight bowling from Jesse Watson and a brilliant direct hit run out from Riley Bradshaw, however the game soon tightened up as Leeton made good progress towards the total reaching 4/46, requiring just 35 off the final 8 overs to secure victory.


At this point Jaxon Ryan intervened, up rooting three opposition wickets to finish with a vital 3/12 as Parkview removed the last six Leeton PS wickets for just nine runs to secure a 25 run victory to take the LNPSSA title and progress to the RIverina Quarter Finals.



Parkview PS vs Leeton PS

Toss won by Parkview PS

Innings of Parkview PS

T. O'Connell                          C Papasidero         B Grundy                 6

B. Schmidt                             C Lamont               B McCann              12

R.  Bradshaw                         Retired                                                  27

C. Browne                              C Allen                   B Anthony                9

T. Heins                                 Not Out                                                    5

J. Ryan                                  Not Out                                                    0

Extras (4b, 17w)                                                                                   21

Total (20 Overs)                                                                                   3/80 (cc)

Fall: 11, 62, 74


Innings of Leeton PS

F. Anthony                             Run Out                                                   4

J. Grundy                               C &                         B Watson                 0

K. Thompson                         C Watson               B J. Ryan                 23

B. McCann                                                            B Bradshaw             6

T. Doyle                                  Run Out                                                  3

L. Papasidero                                                       B J. Ryan                  1

B. McDonald                                                        B Bradshaw               4

C. Lamont                                                            B J. Ryan                   0

T. Collins                                Run Out                                                   1

J. Deaton                                C Bradshaw           B O'Connell              0

T. Allen                                   Not Out                                                    0

Extras (1b, 2lb, 10w)                                                                            13

Total (18.2 Overs)                                                                                55 (all out)

Fall: 5, 8, 26, 35, 46, 49, 49, 52, 55, 55


Parkview Bowling

T. O'Connell 3.2/ 0/1/9; J. Watson 4/0/1/8; R. Bradshaw 4/1/2/11; C. Browne 3/0/0/12; J. Ryan 4/0/3/12