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Last updated 11:38 AM on 26 August 2013

Spelling Bee winners for 2014



The annual Parkview  Spelling Bee was held in the Library last Friday, August 23rd. Many parents attended the event which featured talented spellers from Years 1-6! The remaining students of the Primary and Stage 1 formed the audience. All students in the audience displayed fantastic manners and were truly engrossed in the competition!!

Winners of the Stage 2 Final were Tateum Ingram (3/4) & Lilly Davies 3/4

After what seemed like an eternity of spelling the Stage 2 final was declared a tie! Both Lilly and Tateum remained cool under pressure and didn't give an inch. The girls spelt well enough to completely exhaust the pre-prepared lists!! 

Winner of the Stage 3 Final was Caleb Watson (6). The runner up was Jacob Mills (6).

 Jacob and Caleb have held a friendly rivalry since Year 3 when the inaugural spelling bee was first held at PPS. This year, Caleb finally outlasted Jacob who had previously been crowned the Stage 2 Spelling Bee Champion (twice) and won the Stage 3 fixture last year.

 Winner of the Stage 1 Final was Mason Boardman (2).

The younger students of the school were put to the test with Mason eventually coming out on top. Stage 1 children compete in the Spelling Bee in an attempt to prepare them better for primary sections.

All primary finalists were presented with a participation certificate and given a warm round of applause by the audience. It was a nerve racking experience for many spellers!

The winners of the stage 2 & 3 divisions will now represent Parkview PS at the Riverina Final in Griffith early next month. Stay tuned to the newsletter and website to track their progress!

Thank you to Mrs. Hislop & Mrs. Townsend for your outstanding contributions to the successful planning and execution of the day.