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Last updated 1:50 PM on 15 September 2015
2015 LNPSSA Athletics Age Champions


Parkview students have produced some brilliant performances at the 2015 LNPSSA Athletics Championship with 14 students qualifying for the Riverina Carnival to be hosted in Albury in Term 3.
Parkview finished a very creditable second on the Overall Pointscore Tally thanks to a huge range of outstanding performances by our athletes.
Of particular note was the achievements of Tamika Rourke (Junior Girls Age Champion), Riley Bradshaw (11 Years Age Champion) and Shaylan Protheroe (11 Years Girls Age Champion).
Students to qualify for the Riverina PSSA Athletics Carnival include:
Rourke, Tamika-Junior Girls 800m
Protheroe, Shaylan-Junior Girls 800m
Axtill, Taylah-8 Years Girls 100m
McMillan, Tallis-8 Years Boys 100m
Rourke, Tamika-9 Years Girls 100m
Protheroe, Shaylan-11 Years Girls 100m
Marks, Portia-12 Years Girls 100m
Meline, Darcy-13 Years Boys 100m
Junior Girls Relay-Tamika Rourke, Molly Gilmour, Makayla Connell, Sarah Elliott
Rourke, Tamika-Jnr Girls 200m
Protheroe, Shaylan-11 Years Girls 200m
Bradshaw, Riley-11 Years Boys 200m
Marks, Portia-12/13 Girls 200m
Axtill, Corey-12/13 Boys High Jump
Protheroe, Shaylan-11 Years Girls Long Jump
Rourke, Tamika-Jnr Girls Discus
Lashbrook, Brodie-12/13 Boys Shot Put
Marks, Portia-12/13 Girls Long Jump
Bradshaw, Riley-11 Years Boys Discus
Martin, Josh-12/13 Boys Discus
Bradshaw, Riley 11 Years Boys Shot Put