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Last updated 12:27 PM on 18 May 2012

Parkview students cross the Railway Bridge.


A crisp Autumn morning proved no deterrent for 139 Parkview Public School students along with several staff and community members as they participated in the 2012 installment of 'Walk Safely to School Day.

Students, staff and parents gathered at the Leeton Post Office at 8.30am on Friday Morning, from which they made the trek through Mountford Park, along Oak Street, across the Pedestrian Railway Bridge, through Enticknap Park to Melaleuca Avenue and finally through Central Park to school where they were rewarded with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and flavoured milk provided by Assistant Principal Mrs Ro Tarnawsky, School Learning Support Officer Mrs Bronwyn Cherry and School Chaplain Mrs Anna Celi.

The concept of gathering in Leeton's town centre and engaging in a lengthy walk is the brainchild of teacher Matthew Collins, with this years turnout of 139 students (well over half the entire school population) by far the most well attended.

The 'Walk Safely to School' concept encourages healthy lifestyles for our children who need to remain fit and active, with walking to school (and indeed work) a great way to incorporate physical activity into a busy lifestyle. In addition, walking to school with a responsible adult fosters an understanding of road safety and road rules, something that is vitally important for students as they continue to develop their independence.

Thanks is extended to all of the community members who joined in this activity either by supervising the walk, helping to cook at school or simply by adjusting your morning routine to allow your children to participate.

Photos from the walk can be found in the albums section of the website.