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Last updated 2:57 PM on 8 February 2015

The victorious Parkview cricket team.

Parkview Public School has progressed to the Riverina Quarter Finals of the Brian Taber Shield after being crowned LNPSSA champions for 2015 after a thrilling day of cricket at the Narrandera High School Ovals last Monday.


Drawn to play Small Schools in the first round, Parkview captain Corey Axtill won the toss and invited Small Schools to bat. A bright opening partnership of 12 between Trevor Dolan and Callum Dunn ended in a run out after a mix-up before Riley Bradshaw (3-1) and Corey Axtill (1-6) ripped through the Small Schools batting line-up to dismiss them for 38.


In reply, Parkview lost Tyler O'Connell (0) early before Ben Schmidt (8) and Corey Axtill (20) took Parkview to the brink of victory with a skilful 27 run partnership, Axtill and Bradshaw taking Parkview past the target of 38 for the loss of just two wickets.


The victory qualified Parkview for the LNPSSA Final against Leeton PS who had recorded a comfortable 9 wicket victory against Narrandera PS.


Winning the toss again, Parkview sent Leeton PS into bat and soon had their opponents in trouble, Corey Axtill and Tyler O'Connell removing the top order to have Leeton PS in trouble at 3/4. Taj Doyle (10) and Cody Emerson (10) then steadied their team's innings before a brilliant catch from Brandon Crowe at mid-wicket off the bowling of leg spinner Cooper Craker removed Doyle and changed the momentum of the Leeton innings.


Further tight bowling from Riley Bradshaw (1-6) and Christian MacGregor (1-2) helped restrict Leeton PS to 8/65 off their allocated 20 overs.


In reply, Parkview were on the backfoot from the opening over with Nathan Baulch (2-11) removing two wickets before a run had been scored. A wickets to Flynn Anthony and Bryce McCann and a run out had Parkview on the brink at 5/15 in the 7thover before Jai Patten (19 not out) and Cody Browne (12 not out) united in partnership and slowly set about re-building the Parkview innings.


Both boys displayed tremendous composure under pressure and defied some spirited Leeton PS bowling, accumulating runs to keep the required run rate manageable before completing an amazing comeback victory in the 19thover, Patten hitting the winning run with 9 balls to spare. In total, Patten and Browne compiled an unbeaten 6thwicket partnership of 51, steering Parkview PS to their first victory over Leeton PS in Cricket for 20 years.


Selected to attend the Riverina pre-selection trial in Griffith on February 18 following the LNPSSA Cricket Knockout were Tyler O'Connell (Parkview PS), Corey Axtill (Parkview PS) and Nathan Baulch (Leeton PS).


Parkview will play their Riverina Quarter Final match later in February.


LNPSSA T20 Knockout Results

(Part of the NSWPSSA Statewide Brian Taber Shield Knockout)


Round 1: Parkview vs Small Schools

Toss won by Parkview PS


Small Schools Innings

C. Dunn                C T. Heins            B R. Bradshaw                   5

T. Dolan                Run                        Out                                   0

F. Herrmann         Run                        Out (O'Connell)                1

K. Hammond                                     B R. Bradshaw                   1

J. Eyles                                             B R. Bradshaw                   0

J. Fitzgerald                                      B C. Axtill                            3

S. Ekin                   Not                     Out                                       2

J. Cross                 Run                    Out                                       0

J. Annetts              Run                    Out (Axtill)                            0

J. Davidson                                       B T. Heins                           1

B. Spicer                Run                    Out (O'Connell)                    0

Extras (9b, 15w, 1nb)                                                                  25

Total: (13.2 overs)                                                                       38 all out

Fall: 12 (Dolan), 14 (Dunn), 15 (Herrmann), 15 (Eyles), 20 (Hammond), 26 (Fitzgerald), 29 (Cross), 31 (Annetts), 34 (Davidson), 38 (Spicer)

Parkview PS Bowling

T. O'Connell 2-1-0-7, C. Axtill 3-1-1-6, R. Bradshaw 2-1-3-1, B. Crowe 2-0-0-8, C. Browne 1-0-0-2,

B. Schmidt 1-0-0-3, T. Heins 1-1-1-0, L. Holden 1-0-0-4, C. MacGregor 0.2-0-0-0


Parkview Innings

T. O'Connell         C T. Dolan            B F. Herrmann                   1

B. Schmidt           C R. Cross            B C. Dunn                          8

C. Axtill                                              B K. Hammond                  20

R. Bradshaw                                      B C. Dunn                          0

T. Heins                              RETIRED                                          5

B. Lashbrook                      RETIRED                                          3

C. MacGregor                     RETIRED                                          2

J. Patten              Run                        Out                                     2

C. Browne                           RETIRED                                          3

L. Holden             Not                        Out                                      2

C. Craker             Not                        Out                                      1

Extras (4b, 33w)                                                                         37

Total (17 overs)                                                                       5/86

Fall: 8 (O'Connell), 35 (Schmidt), 43 (Bradshaw), 47 (Axtill), 70 (Patten) 

Small Schools Bowling

J. Cross 2.5-0-0-17, F. Herrmann 2-0-1-14, S. Ekin 3-0-0-11, C. Dunn 2-0-2-6, J. Eyles 2-0-0-5,

K. Hammond 1-0-1-5, J. Fitzgerald 1-0-0-5, J. Annetts 1-0-0-5, T. Dolan 1-0-0-4, B. Spicer 1-0-0-6,

J. Davidson 1-0-0-5


Parkview PS won by 8 wickets (passing the Small Schools total 2/40).


Round 2: Parkview vs Leeton PS

Toss won by Parkview PS


Leeton PS Innings

N. Baulch             Run                        Out                                      0

B. McDonald                                      B C. Axtill                             1

B. Schmetzer                                     B T. O'Connell                     1

T. Doyle                C B. Crowe           B C. Craker                         10

E. Cody                 Run                      Out                                      10

N. Sands                                            B C. MacGregor                   0

J. Coelli                 C. T. O'Connell    B R. Bradshaw                     5

J. Deaton              C J. Patten           B C. Axtill                             7

B. McCann            Not                        Out                                      0

F. Anthony            Not                        Out                                      0

Extras (2b, 31w)                                                                           33

Total: (20 overs)                                                                        8/65 (cc)

Fall: 0 (Baulch), 3 (McDonald), 4 (Schmetzer), 32 (Doyle), 39 (Sands), 55 (Coelli), 60 (Cody), 65 (Deaton)


Parkview PS Bowling

T. O'Connell 4-1-1-7, C. Axtill 4-2-2-5, R. Bradshaw 4-1-1-6, C. Browne 2-0-0-14, C. Craker 1-0-1-9,

B. Lashbrook 1-0-0-2, B. Crowe 1-0-0-4, C. MacGregor 1-0-1-2, T. Heins 1-0-0-8, L. Holden 1-0-0-7


Parkview Innings

T. O'Connell                                       B N. Baulch                         0

B. Schmidt           C B. McDonald       B F. Anthony                       2

C. Axtill                                               B N. Baulch                         0

R. Bradshaw       Run                        Out                                        1

J. Patten              Not                        Out                                      19

B. Lashbrook                                      C&B B. McCann                  0

C. Browne           Not                        Out                                      12

Extras (1lb, 30w, 1nb)                                                                  32

Total (18.3 overs)                                                                     5/66

Fall: 0 (O'Connell), 0 (Axtill), 3 (Schmidt), 13 (Bradshaw), 15 (Lashbrook)


Leeton PS Bowling

N. Baulch 3.3-1-2-9, M. Ryan 2-0-0-5, E. Cody 3-0-0-10, F. Anthony 1-0-1-2, T. Clancy 2-0-0-8,

J. Coelli 2-0-0-8, B. McCann 2-0-1-8, B. McDonald 2-0-0-4, B. Schmetzer 1-0-0-9


Parkview PS won by 5 wickets